2012. május 5., szombat

Goodbye for a week

Hi All!
So, I will go to Slovakia tomorrow. First of all, I would like to tell you, I don't write for you for a week, after that I will make an account of my experience. I am very excited, and I would like to try something new. Unfortunately, Slovakia isn't Hungarian area, so we must speak English if we can't speak Slovak. I hope, I will see lots of gorgeous places. Fancy that, we will go to raft, and we will go to walk in the nature. There is a big secret: I would like to drink vodka, that's why I bought it yesterday.;)
Then I will go to home on Wednesday, and on the next Sunday I will go to England.Uuuh, and it was my biggest dream, and I can't believe. But it is truth. I am very happy, but my favourite readers will be missed.♥
Goodbye!:)) Oh, and sorry my terrible English!^^

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