2012. május 10., csütörtök

I am here!

Hi, Everybody!:)
How are you? I am fine. As I mentioned, I went to a trip whit my favorite class. It was really interesting, and exciting. First of all, we saw old towns, which were beautiful. We learnt about the Middle Ages, so it was a good way to know that. The next day, we wanted to go a big trip in the Tatra, unfortunately
the day was rainy. After that, we went to raft, which was gorgeous. I saw amazing snowy hills, valleys etc...
I would like to go back. The food wasn't quite good, but I ate. So I recommend it, you go to Slovakia.
Uh, and I have a secret, a big secret. Haha, it is a joke. I am in love. I love him, and tell the truth I am happy. I would like to live with him, and I love everything in him.
Ah, and it is very important! Thank you for being here. ♥

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